Recycled Products Co.

Established in 1992, Recycled Products Co. manufactures top-quality, affordable solid core windows from our headquarters in Monticello, IA. Our windows are made right here in Iowa, not overseas, and they can be easily installed in all types of buildings, including barns, warehouses, garages and more.

Windows Made from Recycled Plastic

Recycled Products Co. manufactures attractive and durable solid core windows made from recycled plastic. We use landfill-bound HDPE #2 plastics in our window frames. Instead of spending a lifetime in a landfill, they’re recycled into attractive windows for your building! Not only is our product great for the environment, it’s also great for your wallet, since recycled plastic windows cost a fraction of the price compared to traditional glass. Our windows are well suited for a variety of buildings, particularly agricultural and industrial structures. Our products are ideal for these unique buildings due to their incredible durability—after installation, you can expect your windows to last for years with virtually no maintenance. Cleaning is a breeze, too—just a rinse with a power washer and they’ll look brand new again. Many of our clients rely on the custom capabilities of our Monticello, IA shop to create quality barn windows, hopper windows and paned windows. In addition to our 16 standard sizes, we can create custom-sized windows that are the perfect fit for your building. Our team is always ready to help you—just give us a call and we’ll get to work on your custom windows right away and ship them right to your door.
  • We’re the only ones in the area that manufacture windows from recycled #2
  • plastics.
  • We make custom sized windows using your specified measurements.
  • We manufacture all our windows right here in Iowa.
  • Our windows require no painting—you’ll never deal with chipping or cracking.
  • We’re proud members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Affordable, Attractive and Custom #2 Plastic Windows

Recycled Products Co. manufactures attractive recycled plastic windows right in America’s Heartland. Contact us today and discover what we can make for you.