Glass Repair

How To Replace A Broken Pane of Glass

  1. Using a #25 Torx drive, remove the two screws at the top or bottom of the window, depending on where the broken pane is located.
  2. Pull off the top or bottom piece of material.
  3. Remove the broken glass and old silicone from the slot. The silicone will stick to the glass, but not the window material. ** CAUTION: GLASS MAY CUT YOU! **
  4. Slide the new piece of glass into the grooves in the material.
  5. Replace the top or bottom piece of material by sliding it into the grooves in the sides. Be sure the smaller piece of material that divides the glass fits into the groove in the top or bottom piece. Replace the two screws with the #25 Torx Drive (le point).
  6. Run a line of silicone sealant around the edge of the glass to match the other panes, inside the groove. You will need a caulk gun for this step.
  7. Leave window flat for 24 hours to dry.

Solid Core Windows in Monticello, IA

Recycled Products Co. is a manufacturer and installer of #2 plastic windows, making our high-quality, custom products at our home base in Monticello, IA. Our windows are ideal for agricultural and industrial buildings of all kinds, holding up amazingly well to the elements and looking great for years to come.

Custom Recycled Plastic Windows

We manufacture plastic windows right here in Monticello, IA. Our solid core windows come in 16 standard sizes but can also be made according to your specifications. Common applications for recycled plastic windows include barns, warehouses, sheds, storage units, garages and other outbuildings. There are many benefits to using plastic material for windows, aside from the fact that they’re environmentally friendly! Here are just some of the advantages to recycled plastic windows:
  • Cost savings: Our windows are much less expensive than glass and rarely require replacement. On the rare occasion you need to replace a pane, it’s easy to do it yourself.
  • Easy to clean: The window frames clean easily, and entire windows can be pressure washed. This is especially helpful in barns and outbuildings, where windows aren’t always easy to reach.
  • No painting: You’ll never have to worry about peeling or chipping paint with our windows. There’s no painting required—after installation, your windows will look great for years.
  • Durable: Our windows are some of the most durable you’ll find—they aren’t harmed by the sun, salt, fertilizers, insects, moisture or most chemicals. All “glass” is double strength and not tempered—it will never shatter into dangerous pieces. In other words, our windows are built to last!

We Make Durable Custom Windows

Recycled Products Co. is proud to provide top-quality recycled plastic windows that add beauty and durability to a variety of buildings. Need to request a custom sized window? Give us a call now at 319-465-6124.